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Izaslanstvo za odnose sa Saveznom Republikom Brazilom: The Delegation meets either in Brussels or in Strasbourg, and we regularly hold meetings with our counterparts in the Brazilian Congress, for which the venue alternates between Brussels and Brasilia. To reflect the fact that Brazil, the world’s fifth largest country in terms of size and population, is a global player on the international stage, the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership was established after the two parties had together held their First Summit, in July This partnership encompasses a number of areas of common interest, including climate change, sustainable energy, poverty alleviation, the Mercosur integration process and stability and prosperity in Latin America. The EU and Brazil, in addition, trade with each other on a large scale: The objective that D-BR is pursuing within this general context is twofold. Firstly, acting as the European legislative arm, it oversees the Joint Action Plan established under the Strategic Partnership ; secondly, it is seeking to build a strong, lasting, open and cordial interparliamentary relationship, based on our shared principles, which are in turn rooted in a centuries-old relationship between Europeans and Brazilians.

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Upravo sam zavrsio njegovu knjigu “Misterija Anasazija” moze se procitati na njegovoj stranici alternativnahistorija. Iz ove knjige moze se vidjeti da se radi ili o patoloskom lazovu ili sizofrenicaru, koji prica sa uskrsnjim zekama. Naime, u knjizi spominje “Melvina”, indijanca i “vidovnjaka” kojeg je navodno pokupio usput na njegovom putu po Americkom jugozapadu. Osmanagic je navodno “istrazivao” Anasazije vec znanim metodama, pianjem kamenja, udisanjem svjezeg vazduha, zatvaranjem ociju i primanjem poruka iz proslosti, ali u ovom slucaju i iz buducnosti, itd.

Tal lik “Melvin” se nije htjeo slikati pa njegove slike u knjizi nema. Ono sto je meni palo u oci je da Semir nije prepricao iz sjecanja njegov razgovor sa Melvinom, nego je literarno ispisao sve sto mu je Melvin rekao!

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We have been dealing with tourist business since , and we were officially registered in So far we have brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina many tourists from the Gulf countries. We can be proud of our log-year experience in business and the most favorable prices of accommodation and transport. We are ready for co-operation and organization of accommodation and travels for individuals, families and larger touristic groups.

We can also offer the spa services of healing and rehabilitation by thermal-mineral water treatment. Click here to Read More Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country with rich history and great natural resources. There are numerous rivers and lakes, wonderful forests and magnificent mountains with lots of water springs and waterfalls. Our spectacular rivers with unspoiled crystal-clear water offer great conditions for rafting, kayaking, fishing, relaxing and enjoying.

Stunning waterfalls, breathtaking canyons and rapids alternating with calm waters, make the country one of the top destinations that attracts a large number of visitors. Whichever part of the country you choose, it will be a good decision and an exceptional experience. Furthermore, our hospitable, friendly and kind people are also one of the reasons that the number of tourists visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina has been increased during recent years.

Spa healing in Bosnia and Herzegovina — The tradition of using thermal-mineral waters in this region originates from the ancient times of Greeks and Romans who, even then, recognized the healing properties of our geo-thermal springs. We hope you will be one of our partners or guests.

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Additionally, she has been extremely accommodating and easy to work with. Can’t wait to work with her again!!! Here are the photos we’ve done. Every piece of this is – vintage.

Badoo je zabavan način da upoznaš ljude u Bosni i Hercegovini – za čavrljanje, flert, možda čak i neki romantični izlazak udvoje. Prošetaj se s prijateljem ulicama Sarajeva, zajedno istražite raznoliku arhitekturu i historiju grada, a onda svratite u neki od lokalnih kafea na jednu dobru crnu bosansku kafu.

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Watercourses and Lakes in Kupres When it comes to water surfaces on Kupres plain , we can characterize it as area extremely rich with water. Specifically, this area consists of three hydrographic sections: The northern part is composed of numerous bays, while the western part is very broad and flat. History of Kupres Kupres is mentioned for the first time in documents dating back to the Kingdom of Croatia, which had the nearby city of Duvno Tomislavgrad today as its capital.

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Let us welcome you to the Bosnian House, the exclusive restaurant located in the heart of Bascharsija at Bravadziluk Street. Bravadziluk Street connects Bascharsija square and city hall Sarajevo main library. The Bosnian House is right next to Bascharsija Mosque. The restaurant consists of three separated, yet connected, saloons e interior of the restaurant is decorated with elements of old fashioned Bosnian architecture, exclusive details and antique furniture as well as best paintings of the Balkan dating from the 19th century.

The high-standard hospitality of the Bosnian House is aimed to your satisfaction. We are pleased to have an opportunity to present you with our wide range of specialty ranging, from variety of sea food to more traditional Bosnian foods. At Bosnian House sea specialties are prepared by the chef of the island of Vis. The daily import of sea food from Dubrovnik, Croatia is insuring the fresh preparation of fish, mussels, and crabs on our menu.

Our gourmet Bosnian cuisine is enriched with chicken, and veal items served with our old traditional vegetables dishes. Often our guests refer to Bosnian House as a restaurant to please ‘hungry eyes’. The reason for this remark is the size of our portions which equally invite and challenge our guests Rolex should fake replica watches be the rolex replica most popular watch brand consumers, and basically all series have a lot of replica watches uk loyal fans. So for those who purchase watch, if the swiss replica watches first watch to buy Rolex watch, which should be selected.

Come, we will be waiting at the address: Bravadziluk 3, Bashcarsija, Sarajevo.

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One of the two 19th-century Orthodox churches has also disappeared, while the early 20th-century synagogue, after suffering severe damage in the World War II , has been converted into a theatre. Several Ottoman inns also survived, along with other buildings from this period of Mostar’s history, such as fountains and schools. A number of surviving late Ottoman houses demonstrate the component features of this form of domestic architecture — upper storey for residential use, hall, paved courtyard, and verandah on one or two storeys.

The later 19th-century residential houses are predominantly in neoclassical style. Once again, the 19th-century commercial buildings are predominantly neoclassical. A number of elements of the early fortifications are visible.

Na Ljubavnoj Spajalici možete upoznati nove prijatelje, dopisivati se, družiti, ali i zaljubiti se! Sajt za upoznavanje novih ljudi. Neka i vama zasja iskrica u oku!

Write a review on TripAdvisor Happy Client Testimonials We spent about 11 hours with Mario and by the end of the day we felt as though we had made a new friend. If all of Adria Luxury Travel’s drivers are like Mario, I’m sure you will enjoy your private excursion. But, Mario aside, I believe Adria Luxury Travel gave us a great value for what we received and based on our experience they seem to be a well run company that delivers on the promises made. If we return to Dubrovnik in the future we will want to take a day trip to Kotor in Montenegro and I The service at all times was excellent.

The drivers were all very friendly and very well informed and were able to tell us about the areas we were visiting and its history. The car and the boat were both a very high standard and exactly as specified on their website, They were flexible and were happy to change our I wanted the day to be really special and Adria made that happen. Honestly, this was one of the most brilliant days I’ve ever had. Their staff, the boat, the food, the tour everything was perfect.

Don’t shop around for anyone else, these guys are the best for price and service. I did my research and it paid off. All worked just great from start to end. We had excellent skipper and laughed all day.

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Calculation for program made for a minimum 40 persons Excursions: In the north, west and southwest borders with the Republic of Croatian, and on the east and south with the states Serbia and Montenegro. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a small but very nice access to the sea, a distance of about 21 km of coastline at Neum.

The northern and central part of the country called Bosnia and Herzegovina southern region. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stunningly beautiful country with a vast array of landscapes, cultures, traditions and extremely hospitable people. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very interesting tourist destination as a result of geographic location, unique natural beauty, cultural and historical values and favorable climatic conditions.

Ova stranica je dio DateMeNow Group, koja je vodeći svjetski pružatelj usluga upoznavanja, a svoje usluge nudi na više od 20 jezika koji pokrivaju većinu zemalja i kategorija upoznavanja. Korištenjem ove web stranice prihvaćate naše korisničke i opće uvjete privatnosti.

Grand tour is indeed a big trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina To get offer please contact us at: Transfer and accommodation at the hotel. Emperor’s Mosque – first mosque built in Sarajevo During the war Overnight at the hotel. You can walk through the long avenue or take a carriage. Visit to the Tunnel of Hope which purpose in the war – On this way, the town was survived.

House where the tunnel was hidden. First we will visit the famous nature park Husremovac – known for its diverse vegetations, and healthy, pure, healing water.

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Upoznaj ljude u Hrvatskoj. Čavrljaj s muškarcima i ženama u blizini. hat with men & women nearby. Upoznaj ljude & stvori nova prijateljstva u Hrvatskoj na najbrže rastućoj društvenoj mreži – Badoo.

Dobrodosli na moj blog. Welcome to my blog. Each post has a version in English! Bosanske piramide ponovo su uzburkale svjetsku javnost. Na prilaznom platou Bosanskoj piramidi Sunca instrumenti pokazuju odsustvo elektromagnetnog polja. Specijalno za ovu emisiju dopremljen je dron koji je sobom nosio aparate iznad piramide. Radiokarbonsko datiranje je dokazalo starost od Bosnian Pyramid again stirred up the world public.

Currently showing episodes of thirty minutes of the discovery of the pyramids in Visoko, in one of the most popular world TV channels:

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Visoki and other historical places in the Visoko valley were the early center of the once powerful medieval Bosnian kingdom. Visoki was also a place where many important documents and legislation of medieval Bosnia were signed and written. The town of Visoki had a defensive role in protecting trade center Podvisoki Subvisoki which was located just below the town and was one of earliest examples of the medieval urban environments in Bosnia.

Dating stranica bosna. Ostatak ih je Gradaščević uglavnom proveo mirno, imajući dobre odnose sa carskim vlastima u Bosni. godine, Gradaščević je postao jedan od njegovih najpovjerljivijih savjetnika.

U razvijenijoj fazi donjeg paleolitika, ovjek Homo erectus je poznavao i upotrebljavao vatru. Tokom srednjeg Homo neanderthalensis i gornjeg H. Dugo vremena se mislilo da je ona obuhvata najraniji kamen u prahistoriji, od prije oko 2,6 miliona, sve do prije 1,7 miliona godina. Izraz “Oldowan” je preuzet prema lokalitetu Olduvai Gorge u Tanzaniji , gdje je Louis Leakey , ih otkrio prve alate rane kulture. Sada se misli da su se kameni alati pojavili mnogo ranije prije 3,3 miliona godina i to definitivno prije pojave roda Homo.

Prvi su se razvili iz primitivne oldovejske tehnologije oldowan , prije nekih 1,8 miliona godina, pripadnika vrste Homo habilis. U pojedinim regijama, ova kultura je bila znatno rafiniranija. Postoji dosta perioda preklapanja ranih praistorijskih industrije kamenih alata. Klaktonske alate su pravili pripadnici vrste Homo erectus , a ne moderni ljudi, kako se ranije mislilo.

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