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Steps to Clean the Print: Begin by going over the painting with the soft bristled brush to remove any loose dirt and dust. If there is dirt that cannot be brushed away, there is an easy cleaning method that works well on oil paintings and will also work for prints. Take the piece outdoors and spread it out over a tarp or other protective layer to keep any moisture from the ground away from the print. Take a slice of the bread and remove the crust. Use the soft inside portion to gently rub over the surface of the print. As you are rubbing, you will notice the dirt and soil from the picture sticking to the bread.

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Sharon lives in southeastern Pennsylvania and has been collecting and selling feedsacks for more than 11 years. How did you get started collecting and selling feedsacks? The feedsack business resulted from a number of coincidences.

GRAINSACK VINTAGE HEMP linen grain sack red blue heavy rustic primitive – $ ~*~Hello and thank you for looking~*~ This lovely hand woven grainsack from Europe dates from the late ‘s ~ ~A lovely thick, heavy sack with super nubby surface! the tone is a warm, darker natural toned ground and the stripes are variations in reds/ orange and blue~ *~~ a wonderful textile.

I used my s feed sack dress as an inspiration. The maker used bias tape and two types of salvaged lace as decoration. I laid the dress out and carefully took measurements from it, and drafted a pattern from that. The feed sack dress was made with one flat piece of fabric in the back, from the shoulders to the hemline. But more than that, this piece was folded over the shoulders, so there was no shoulder seam.

At the front dropped waistline, the flat fabric was trimmed away and replaced with a wider piece of fabric, gathered to make a fuller skirt — but only in the front. I went to the garment district and picked up some nice s-looking cotton prints and some solid cottons. I also sacrificed one of my bed sheets to use for scrap. The first dress I made was made from the bed sheet, a little white linen I had from other projects, and a handful of vintage buttons.

Halfway through the dress I decided I liked it and would make it wearable. I wound up liking this one the most. Cut it a bit longer than the length from your shoulders to your knees. I cut the armholes by eyeballing them, then trying the dress on after I had cut the neck hole and trimming them down.

The Great Depression

Susan, whose blogs at, My Place to Yours , loves finding old linens that appear ruined and ready for the trash heap…and saving them…restoring them to their original state. Have you ever wondered if and how this could be done with stained vintage linens? Recently, I came across an old Bates bedspread box. My heart stopped… could it be? Would I be so lucky as to find a beautiful old matelasse spread inside? And if I did, what would its condition be?

Description: This is an adorable children’s fabric dating to the ‘s. It is a quilt weight cotton featuring mod calico print animals on a bright red background. It is a quilt weight cotton featuring mod calico print animals on a bright red background.

My adventures in Quilting and Gardening Quilt Buyer Beware For those of you who like to buy quilts at on-line auctions I thought I would give a bit of advice. There are many quilts out there that are reproduction quilts. There is nothing wrong with a reproduction quilt as long as the buyer knows that is what they are buying. They are machine pieced and hand quilted. If you are looking for a quilt for every day use these quilts are a good option.

If you are looking to buy a quilt for vintage or antique value pass on reproductions. This should be required reading for anyone interested in antique and vintage quilts and http:

vintage feedsack dress tutorial (and free 2/3T pattern!)

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Roostery French Ticking Cottage Stripe Grain Sack Feed Sack Fabric Feedsack Pink Stripe Pink Ticking Organic Sateen Dinner Napkins Pink French Ticking Stripe by Jenlats Set of 4 Dinner Napkins. by Roostery. $ $ 46 00 + $ shipping. P&B Washington Street Feedsack Thirties Blue Bubbles.

Edit It seems like the rubbish bin is never empty sometimes and every time you go to put in a few trash in it’s overflowing. This is a problem that might base from the way you shop your trash and obviously as well the amount that is being dumped. Thankfully like most other things with the food prep with a bit of organization your trash can be easily been able. Organizing and sorting out trash can overflows in the kitchen generally necessity.

Organizing is beneficial not to only the appearance of your kitchen but to the cleanliness and overall hygiene. If you have young children you do not want dirty waste being easily accessible.

A Jar for Buttons … Choosing fabrics for applique

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. This panel is in as found, not freshly laundered condition with very light storage dust. I am a very friendly ebayer and simply determined to bring beautiful textiles to the world! I take a great deal of care and pride in describing each textile very accurately. I also use many photographs to show the textiles also as I feel it is very important to see the exact condition, colors, texture, size etc of each textile.

If ever you feel that I have missed anything, please contact me immediately as it would have been an oversight, never an intentional omission!

The feed sacks were also used to make aprons, and the flour sacks made dish towels. The sugar sacks were used for quilts. In the 70’s I inherited a quilt top pieced from sugar and feed sacks .

Many jazz bands were lead by a band leader: Bluegrass and Country Music: Very popular during this era, though only in the USA. Delta Blues music was very prominent in the USA, with Robert Johnson as the most iconic example, but would only get extraordinarily popular in the s. Just like the s jazz was still enormously popular worldwide. It got a bigger explosion when swing came around to cut the rug.

Vintage French printed cotton fabric Lovely soft lilac pattern faded cloth ~

Scout July 13, Comments After the seven hour Interstate drive the previous day, I woke up Saturday dreading the thought of hitting the bland four-lane pavement for another long haul. Well, we had no choice. Our plan was to meet up with Route 50 at the Indiana border, so we sucked it up and bolted across Ohio in about 4 hours or so. About the only thing of note: They had a small electronic scale, and some sort of meter with a probe attachment, and were carefully going over a bunch of somethings in a little plastic bag.

Explore Creative in Chicago’s board “Fabric Design” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Contemporary fabric, Fabric online and Fabric design. Did you know some of the earliest recovered egg cups are at the palace of Cretan Knossos dating as early as the century BC? Feedsack Fabric.

Fickle Friday – I haven’t been able to focus on one thing this week. They are from Lancaster Co. Here’s a label for your Yankee Diary quilt from If you print it as is it should be 5″ giving you plenty o Seriously, you must see Now that it’s back from being quilted, I wanted to share a p So what, if it happened in January ?

Early last year I had set up 4 swaps with blog friends, and Julie and I wou It is fast but I think lack detail. In a blog post I can provide more information.

Bernina 830 Record

But Spring Break and a beach wedding 5 hours from home put crimp in my blogging. So I decided not stress about it, especially since the all important Florida State Assessment starts next week. Although it would have been better if I had sewn something from my actual stash. Because this is what it looks like right now.

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The realization that indigestible seeds could be ground into nourishing dust steered the history and fate of man in a new direction. Without the invention of the grinding stone there would be no bread or buns, no pasta or pizza, no cakes or couscous. Probably there would be fewer people on our planet. Certainly there would be no civilization as we know it. And the wheel, originally an aid to agriculture, would presumably never have been invented.

Flour has become the daily food of millions. But we would be wrong to take it for granted. The history of flour is one of brilliant innovation and growing prosperity, but also of famine and hardship. Cereals, flour and bread are inseparably bound up with human civilization: They left behind primitive sickles with flint blades:

My Feed Sack Quilt