Ryanair cabin crew ‘plotting mass strike and desertion to easyJet’

Share View photos If you go into labor on a plane, flight attendants can actually do very little to help you. After departing from Taiwan, Dr. Angelica Zen was dozing off when flight attendants asked if there was a doctor on board to assist a woman with abdominal pain. Zen responded, and quickly found that the woman was actually in labor. Working with help from flight attendants, Zen delivered the baby just as the China Air flight made an emergency landing in Alaska. The mother and newborn baby girl were taken to a nearby hospital, and the rest of the passengers continued on to Los Angeles with one heck of a story to tell. According to news reports , a nurse and a doctor aboard the plane helped deliver the baby mid-flight, and mother and daughter were handed over to medical staff on the ground upon landing and taken to a nearby hospital. And again the baby was born onboard the plane. In-flight labor is really more common than you would think. Why I Took a Solo Babymoon But in relative terms, that is only a very small portion of the 55, total medical emergencies the service was involved in over the same period.

British Airways strike: Airline cancels dozens of flights before cabin crew walkout

UK pubs struggle as taste and rates change UK pubs struggle as taste and rates change Many of Britain’s traditional pubs are struggling to survive thanks to rising business rates, competition from supermarkets and a change of behaviour among consumers. More videos Hawaii tests nuclear warning sirens Hawaii is testing Cold War-era nuclear attack warning sirens in preparation for a possible missile strike from North Korea.

On Monday, the company said in a statement that the San Francisco-to-Hong Kong flight was “far from the event location” and continued flying normally after the missile re-entered the atmosphere. The airline said it does not plan to change its flight routes, even as North Korea seems intent on testing ever more technologically advanced missiles while it trades threats with the United States about a possible nuclear conflict.

Related Articles Pentagon evaluating US west coast missile defence sites The launch of the Hwasong intercontinental ballistic missile was the latest – and the largest and furthest flying – in a series of tests by North Korea this year.

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What Happens If You Go Into Labor On A Plane?

Harking back to the golden age of flying , when hopping on board a plane was a truly glamorous pursuit, an airline in China has just introduced haute couture-style uniforms for its staff. Hainan Airlines’ new uniforms are a knock-out Hainan Airlines Hainan Airlines hooked up with designer Laurence Xu to create a new, high-fashion look that takes its cabin crew to the next level. The collection was launched at Paris Couture Week on 4 July, and takes inspiration from a traditional Chinese dress called a Cheongsam.

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Share Shares When a plane crashes we can often recover the black box to determine what happened. This box keeps a recording of any talk in the cockpit. Here we present the recordings of the final moments of 10 crashes as found on the black box. Due to the nature of the recording method, some of the audio is very difficult to hear, so listen very carefully.

Some content may disturb. This list is courtesy of AircrashDB. The crash resulted in 65 fatalities, 17 people severely injured and several people with minor injuries, making it one of the deadliest accidents in the history of Argentinian aviation. As the aircraft started its take-off run, a warning sounded in the cockpit, indicating that the aircraft was not correctly configured for the maneuver. The crew continued the run, not realizing that the flaps were not at the required take-off position, and were instead fully retracted, thus preventing the aircraft from lifting off.

Fuel spilling over the hot engines, and gas leaking from a damaged gas regulation station, resulted in a fire that totally destroyed the aircraft. The crew was unsure of which point they were cleared to. Cleared for NDB approach runway three three. Subsequent warnings triggered by the onboard Ground Proximity Warning System were cancelled as false alarms, and the aircraft hit a hillside ft above sea level, killing all four people on board.

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The feds may charge a pair of brothers who somehow boarded a Tokyo-bound flight in Los Angeles with only a single ticket — forcing the flight to turn around and prompting a tweetstorm from supermodel Chrissy Teigen. One had a ticket on a United Airlines flight while the other had a ticket for an All Nippon Airways flight, the network reported.

The unidentified brothers both boarded the Nippon flight by using a duplicate boarding pass, authorities believe.

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Ryanair pilots have suspended a one-day strike in the run-up to Christmas after the airline made an historic climbdown in agreeing to recognise unions for the first time in its year history. Ryanair has long refused to engage with unions, instead only dealing with staff demands and concerns directly, something the airline was legally allowed to do. It added that the union intends to meet with Ryanair on Tuesday.

Ryanair refuses to engage with the unions Credit: Getty Why were Ryanair pilots going to strike? The ballot by Impact returned a large majority in favour of striking, with the date set as December 20, for a period of 24 hours. Pilots in Italy and Portugal also voted in favour of industrial action. A letter to Ryanair from the Ialpa branch of the union, and seen by Telegraph Travel, said the staff were preparing for industrial action should Ryanair fail to see Ialpa as the representative body for its pilots, commence disciplinary proceedings against any Ialpa members or reduce their pay or change their terms or conditions of employment.

Ryanair’s biggest PR disasters What has Ryanair said? Chief operations officer Peter Bellew, said: Get people home quietly for Christmas.

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A flight attendant may perform the following tasks: Flight attendants work in shifts which involve irregular hours, working weekends and public holidays, and spending time away from home. They work long hours in a pressurised cabin and must adjust to varying climatic conditions and different time zones. The role of a flight attendant ultimately derives from that of similar positions on passenger ships or passenger trains, but it has more direct involvement with passengers because of the confined quarters and often shorter travel times on aircraft.

Additionally, the job of a flight attendant revolves around safety to a much greater extent than those of similar staff on other forms of transportation. Flight attendants on board a flight collectively form a cabin crew, as distinguished from pilots and engineers in the cockpit.

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Aircraft performance[ edit ] The NTSB attempted to reconstruct the aircraft’s performance based on reports from witnesses and survivors. Witnesses reported that the plane attempted to climb at a higher than normal angle, and that the plane rolled from side to side and appeared to be out of control. Engine 3 had separated from the empennage. Witnesses on the ground claimed that one of the engines was on fire, but although the engine was badly crushed from ground impact, there was no sign of fire or heat damage.

Delta officials quickly reacted to questions about the ‘s operating and maintenance condition by pointing out that the original factory engines from when the plane was initially purchased by the airline had been replaced in the last few years by a newer model that ran more quietly and used less fuel. They also stated that there were no known mechanical or maintenance problems with the plane prior to the flight the vibration reported by passengers was the compressor surging mentioned above.

Don’t worry about captains, they are career guys, don’t worry about male cabin crew the rumours are true.. But keep one eye open to the slimy “new” first officers they think it’s .

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